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Exclusive Interview with Lemon & Sugar Creator Lemona Design

in Features/J-Tsuu

Lemon & Sugar” are two adorable original characters, namely Lemon-chan and Sugar-kun, created by Lemona Design. They hit Japan by storm with their 4-koma manga, cute merchandise, signature Lemon Candies and huge Deco-Bento fan base. Lemon is a cute little girl who loves to be in love. As the world’s first Lemon Ambassador, she spends her days spreading LOVE and LEMON with her best friend Sugar, a fluffy plush toy. Snuggly and full of fun surprises, Sugar is very much in love with Lemon, so everything he does, he does it all for her from the goodness of his heart.

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You can send an animation with the real ‘PPAP’ song by PIKO-TARO

in J-Tsuu/News

Official ‘PPAP’ Stickers by PIKO-TARO for iMessage are Now Available on the App Store!
With these stickers, PIKO-TARO’s fans will be able to send an animation with the real ‘PPAP’ song by PIKO-TARO via iMessage. The stickers are available in all areas where users can access the App Store on iOS 10 devices and the price is JPY240 (including tax).

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You can enjoy the feeling of striking, scraping, and rubbing of percussion instruments with a new electronic percussion “aFrame”

in J-Tsuu/News

ATV corporation (Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka) announced that they will launch the Electrorganic Percussion eFrame, which allows you to feel like playing percussion instruments.
You can play “bare hand playing style” which many percussionists and drummers do. You can produce not only the basic percussion sound, but also new digital sound.
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“next cruiser” is a microcar that adults play seriously

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next cruiser1

It is a four-wheeled vehicle equipped 48cc engine that is the same capacity as a motorized bicycle. It will be registered as a microcar and its license plate is a light blue color. It is semi-automatic transmission (no need to press a clutch pedal ), so you don’t need a license for manual transmission, which can be comfortable to drive for female drivers.
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Umbrella that opens and closes backward, allowing you to stay dry when you close the umbrella or get in a car

in J-Tsuu/News

This umbrella was invented against the typical idea of umbrella. GAX UMBRELLA(GAX G-1) opens backward and closes backward.
Regular umbrellas make you and car seats wet every time you close your umbrella when you get in and get out of a car. It is very uncomfortable. When you take a train, your umbrella makes even other people wet.

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“ ‘Isshin Do Honpo’ POP UP SHOP in Tokyo Solamachi” to finally open at the popular sightseeing place Tokyo Skytree

in Fashion/J-Tsuu/News
'Isshin Do Honpo' POP UP SHOP in Tokyo Solamachi

“ ‘Isshin Do Honpo’ POP UP SHOP in Tokyo Solamachi” is scheduled to open on Thursday, December 3rd, 2015 at Tokyo Solamachi in Tokyo Skytree town that has become famous and a number of tourists visiting the place has been increasing. It will stay open until the end of February.

'Isshin Do Honpo' POP UP SHOP in Tokyo Solamachi
‘Isshin Do Honpo’ POP UP SHOP in Tokyo Solamachi

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Japan’s Leading Eyewear Brand JINS has expanded into the U.S. opening its first store near Union Square, San Francisco.

in Fashion/Features/J-Tsuu

JINS SF STOREThe CEO of the U.S store, Mr. Tomita, explained about the product lineup while guiding us through the store.
The company set the price range at $60, $80, $100, and $120. These prices include aspheric lenses as well as the frames.
JINS has opened more than 340 stores in Asia since it was founded in Tokyo in 2001. Now JINS has opened its first North America location. Keep Reading

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