A-HO! Art Exhibition Now Live in Seibu Shibuya Department Store!


Last Updated on 09/08/2017

A-HO! Art Exhibition Vol.2 produced by broadcast writer Kuramoto Mitsuru is NOW LIVE on the 8th floor of Seibu Shibuya Department Store Building B. The public exhibition has been going on for about a week and will run until September 18. If you happen to be in Japan recently, definitely make sure to check out this unique world before it’s gone!

“What’s this?? Have never seen anything like this before but it seems REALLY cool!!” Audiences are expected to make such comment at the first sight of this A-HO! exhibition. The A-HO! art is a ground-breaking new art genre advocated by broadcast writer Kuramoto Mitsuru to showcase the whimsical, peculiar yet always amusing and inspiring art works created by the latest generation of Japanese artists. Although some of them pay tribute to the traditions while others incorporate futuristic elements, both of their works turn out to be edgy and stimulating and definitely won’t let you down.

Below are four art pieces of this exhibition, from which hopefully you could get a good idea of what “A-HO! Art” actually is. Visit here for more information. Enjoy!

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