Post “Japan you recommend” and get gorgeous Japanese prizes! Photo contest “2023 Japan Shopping Festival” is held now


Last Updated on 02/06/2023

Japan’s largest shopping event “2023 Japan Shopping Festival” will be held for the first time in two years. (1 February – 28 February 2023)

Post photos of your trip to Japan and get gorgeous prizes which make you feel Japan, such as new BLUE LABEL bags, fruit jellies etc.

Participation is easy. All you have to do is post photos that match the theme “Japan you recommend (Japanese products, places you’ve visited, food)” by following the steps below. It can be photos taken during the Japan Shopping Festival or photos taken in the past. However, if you have already posted the photos on social media in the past, it will not be judged, so please read the final terms and conditions before applying.

【How to participate】(Instagram/Weibo)

Term: 1 February – 28 February 2023
Theme of the photo:
Please select one of the three below and take a picture of “Japan you recommend”      

・Japanese products       
・Place in Japan      
・Japanese food

How to participate:
Step 1. Follow official Japan Shopping Festival account
【Instagram: japanshoppingfestival】Or 【日本购物旅游协会】 on Weibo
Step 2. Select one of the theme from the three below and take a picture of “Japan you recommend”
Step 3. Post picture on your Instagram page with @japanshoppingfestival and hashtag #2023jsf on Instagram
Or @日本购物旅游协会 and hashtag #2023jsf on Weibo.

Introduction of prizes for 10 winners

BLUE LABEL CRESTBRIDGE Crest Bridge Checkered PVC Heart Bag 1 winner
A cute heart-shaped shoulder bag with a crest bridge check pattern with PVC processing. The cute form is perfect for accenting your outfit. The double zipper makes it easy to put in and take out luggage, and the shoulder belt is removable, so it can also be used as a handbag.

Shinjuku Takano Fruit Puree Jelly 6 pieces 3 winners
Developed based on the concept of jelly which tastes like a real fruit. Using fruit puree, fruit juice, and fruit pulp, it is a gem that is not only tasty, but has unique texture. The muskmelon cups are made to look realistic, so they are made by taking molds from muskmelons which are sold in Shinjuku Takano.

AngelAir Bijet 3 winners
“AngelAir” was made in Yamanashi Prefecture as a shower head that protects the environment by utilizing the technology cultivated as a water equipment manufacturer. This shower head has unique “Technology for aerating water” which can control the amount of air, amount of hot water and water pressure. The weight is only 170g which makes it easy to use and cover the whole body with plenty of microbubbles from hair to toes. With the high pressure of the amount of microbubbles, a high cleaning effect can be obtained while saving about 40% of water. Winner of the Good Design Award.

“Kanazawa Gold Leaf” Small box with camellia flowers 1 winner
A small traditional box which is carefully made by craftsmen in Ishikawa. A lovely floral pattern makes it cute and will brighten up the place. The inside is lined with cloth, so it can be used as an accessory case, or it can be used as a cosmetic case since there is the mirror on the back of the lid.

“Edo Glass” Mt. Fuji and Sakura Glass 1 winner
A traditional “Edo Glass” which is carefully made by craftsmen in Tokyo. This is a glass with Mt.Fuji engraved on the bottom. The color of the drink is reflected on the surface of the mountain, and you can enjoy various views of Mt. Fuji. Sakura pattern is also engraved, and also includes a handkerchief with a cherry blossom pattern.

“Kagawa Lacquer Ware” A set of Suri-lacquered cups with red and mustard accents 1 winner
A traditional “Kagawa Lacquer Ware” which is carefully made by craftsmen in Kagawa prefecture. A set of 2 Kagawa lacquerware with beautiful colors. Natural lacquer has a high antibacterial effect and is safe to put in your mouth. Lacquerware cups are light, so they also can be used by small children, and they are gentle for the mouth.

Campaign terms

Important points regarding posting

・Photos posted on your social media accounts during JSF will be considered. Please note that previous photos posted on social media with #2023jsf hashtag added later will not be eligible for contest.
・ The submitted photos may be taken during the period of contest (February 1st to 28th) or during previous visits to Japan.
・ Photos must be taken by the applicant himself/herself and copyrighted.
・ It is the applicant’s responsibility not to infringe any rights, such as portrait rights of the subject. Even if there is an infringement, the organizer will not take any responsibility.

When applying

・ Only those over the age of 20 can apply.
・ Past JSF Photo Contest winners are not eligible to enter.
・ Prizes cannot be chosen by participants.
・ Prizes and the number of winners are subject to change.
・ Winners will be determined by the contest organizer. Please note that we are unable to respond to inquiries regarding result judgements.
・ Winners will be decided after the campaign ends, and will be contacted directly by the end of March via direct message on the SNS (Instagram or Weibo) account they applied from.
・ After sending the direct message, please reply within the deadline according to the content described. If you do not reply within the deadline, the right to win the prize will be invalidated.
・ If you do not follow @japanshoppingfestival, the right to win prizes will be invalidated.
・ If the prize cannot be delivered due to an incomplete address entered at the time of winning or communication failure, etc., the right to win will be invalidated.
・ The right to win the prize is yours and cannot be transferred or exchanged for money to a third party.
・ Photos made by winners or photos posted by winners using their prizes may be reposted on the website or social media accounts of the contest organizer.
・ Any customs fees incurred when shipping the item to the winner’s country will be the responsibility of the recipient.

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