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Kamen Joshi will support Akihabara tourism leading up to 2020 Olympics

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Masked girl idols Kamen Joshi have been appointed official ambassadors for Akihabara Tourism. Five years after the underground idol group established their permanent home at the P.A.R.M.S. Theater in Akihabara, the performers have been featured in international news media and achieved over 2.8 million followers on Facebook, the highest number of any group in the idol genre. Keep Reading

Chill Your Summer with Top-rated Japanese Haunted Houses

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Is there anything more mentally refreshing for summer than haunted houses?

If there is ever such a thing, it should be the JAPANESE haunted houses!

The Japanese name for a haunted house is Obakeyashiki, which literally means a house full of ghosts (or monsters). Japanese Obakeyashiki as a form of entertainment was not developed recently but actually dates back to the 1830s, as early as when the first western simulated haunted house “Chamber of Horrors” was created in London by Marie Tussaud. The earliest Japanese haunted house was installed inside a private residence, but soon got more popularity as part of Japan’s traditional Kabuki performance. Japan has always been obsessed with horror stories and all forms of entertainment adaptations based on them. Judging from countless titles of world famous thrillers made in Japan, it is not hard to imagine that Japan never runs out of new ideas (and most of them are exclusive to the Japanese culture) for haunted houses, combining the most scary ghost stories, settings, latest technology (including VR and 3D) and a diversity of horror elements to stimulate and frighten your senses. Keep Reading

Oiran and Edo KAWAII illumination appears in Kyoto! Limited-time event Hikari no Hana Matsuri to be held from December 23

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Kyoto’s well-established theme park Toei Kyoto Studio Park (Sakyo-ku, Kyoto), which has a huge film set representing the Edo era, will have an illumination event called “Toei Kyoto Studio Illumination Fantasy Hikari no Hana Matsuri” on December 23, 2016 (Fri), December 24 (Sat), December 29 (Thu) to January 3 (Tue), January 7 (Sat), and January 8 (Sun).
“KAWAII” objects of Oiran and Edo will be lit up, and some fun events will be held. You can take many “KAWAII” photos in the wonder world.

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