3 Day Free Admission Pass Allows You to Visit 18 museums in Kansai Area. Available in English for Tourists.


Last Updated on 07/20/2016

“Museum Grutto Pass Kansai” is established 10 years ago, and on Wednesday, July 20th in 2016, “Kansai Museum 3 Day Free Admission Pass 18” Japanese version will be released. (The English version will be released on Thursday, September 1st in 2016. )

Once people who visit Kansai from other areas from Japan or even from overseas buy the pass, they can enter and re-enter the 18 museums in Kansai for free. 5 national museums and 13 private museums participate in this free general admission service (Some limited-time exhibitions excepted), and they look forward to receiving visitors from Japan and overseas.

Kansai Museum 3 Day Free Admission Pass 18
Size: 172mm×106mm
• Japanese version and English version
• Free admission at 18 Museums including public and private in Kansai Area (Some special exhibitions excepted)
• It contains museum descriptions for each, maps, expiration date, and QR code.

1 book 800yen (tax included)
*The expiration date is 3 days after you start using it.
(The final date is March 31st in 2017)
Number of issues: 5000 books (first year)

Where to buy
The 18 museums

3 types of museums
1. National museums which introduce National Treasures and Important Cultural Properties.
2. Private museums which introduce excavated artifacts and unique special exhibitions.
3. Private galleries which introduce exhibitions featured Kansai by unique expressions.

Museum lists
Kyoto National Museum, National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto, National Museum of Art, Osaka, National Museum of Ethnology, Nara National Museum, Osaka Municipal Museum of Fine Art, Sakai City Museum, Kuboso Memorial Museum of Arts, Izumi, Otani Memorial Art Museum, Sagawa Art Museum, The Museum of Kyoto, The Museum of Ceramic Art, Hyogo, Osaka International Peace Center, Alphonse Mucha Museum, The Entrepreneurial Museum of Challenge and Innovation, Ryukoku Museum, Kamigata Ukiyoe Museum, Miyai Furoshiki Fukusa Gallery

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