The World’s Smallest Travel Partner LocoBee is here, a Communication App for Travelers!


Last Updated on 03/20/2017

LocoBee is a new kind of communication app that helps travelers in need by allowing them to connect with Loco (local people) who can communicate in the same language.

With the approach of the year 2020, more and more travelers from overseas are visiting Japan. You often see troubled locals who cannot answer traveler’s questions such as, “Where is this shop?” or “Does this train go to the airport?”. They want to help, but are hesitant.
A guidebook takes the travelers to major, and sometimes boring, tourist spots, but many may want to go to the places with more local touch that enrich the travel experience.

LocoBee connects the needs and wants of travelers and locals. When travelers need assistance, they can post their request on LocoBee, and Loco will volunteer to lend them a hand. LocoBee is your smallest travel partner.

•Easy registration and login with Email address or through Facebook
•Travelers are able to obtain local information from locals (Loco)
•Posts are divided into 4 categories, “restaurant/bar”,”shopping”,”activity” and “needhelp”
•You can share your location on a map and find Loco and other travelers that are nearby
•”Likes” from other users are displayed on each profile page, so you can judge how trust worthy or to what degree you want to interact with someone

People who want to ask local people (Loco) questions in a common language; who want to connect with locals by receiving assistance; who would like to participate in local events and who want a more unique travel experience
Loco (Local people):
People living in their home country who would like to use foreign languages to connect with those from overseas; who want to share knowledge of their hometown; who want to provide assistance to those in their area

App Screenshots

App Name: LocoBee
Planning, Development, Operation: LOCOBEE Inc.
Price: Free
Compatibility: Android 4.0 or later, iOS 8 or later
Languages: Japanese, English on initial debut *Korean, Chinese soon to be followed
Website: www.locobee.com
iTunes link
Google link
Service Start Date: February 1, 2017
Category: Travel, chat, communication, language, matching, exchange, sightseeing,
making friends, interpreting, translation

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