World-renowned Japanese metal band BRIDEAR release new album ‘AEGIS OF ATHENA’


Last Updated on 11/08/2022

Having completed their fifth successful European tour last year, Japanese metal band BRIDEAR are adored by fans around the world. Following the April 20 domestic release of their latest album ‘AEGIS OF ATHENA’, the band have released an overseas edition on UK label SETSUZOKU RECORDS today, May 13, available in the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States.

To celebrate the release of the overseas edition of ‘AEGIS OF ATHENA’, a new music video for the song ‘Determination’ was also released today on BRIDEAR’s official YouTube channel.

BRIDEAR – ‘Determination’ [official music video]

‘AEGIS OF ATHENA’ is BRIDEAR’s fourth studio album, following the release of ‘Bloody Bride’ in April 2021.

Having been unable to pursue overseas activity since 2020 due to the effects of the covid-19 pandemic, BRIDEAR resolved to tour Europe in September and October 2021, becoming one of very few Japanese artists to achieve this feat.

The tour was propelled by the success of their 8-minute blockbuster music video ‘BRAVE NEW WORLD REVISITED’, which carries the message of raising our voices and banding together to overcome this crisis that has affected the whole world – gaining a passionate response from the European audience.

After successfully completing the tour despite difficult pandemic-related restrictions, the band members decided to create a new album dedicated to facing this crisis together. The resulting album, ‘AEGIS OF ATHENA’, is named after the sacred protective shield Aegis that was wielded by Athena, the guardian goddess of ancient Greek mythology.

The songs skillfully weave progressive elements and catchy melodies into a deep bed of heavy metal, while eight out of the 11 tracks are sung in English, resulting in an ambitious album that will leave a lasting impact on metal fans around the world.

The album includes ‘Greed’, which was released with a music video ahead of the album. The song features an impressively unique melody and was written by kiyo, formerly of renowned Japanese band Janne Da Arc.

The jacket illustration is by jbstyle., an acclaimed artist who took first place in the digital art battle LIMITS Japan Championship 2019 and second place in the LIMITS World Grand Prix 2019. Working together with such world-class artists, BRIDEAR will continue to reach audiences across the globe in fall 2022.

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