Anime series ‘Baki Hanma’ opening and ending themes ‘Sarracenia -Anime Size-’ by SKY-HI and ‘Salvia -Anime Size-’ by BE:FIRST are now streaming!


Last Updated on 08/24/2023

Coinciding with the August 24 release of the new season of father-son face-off anime series ‘Baki Hanma’, the opening theme song ‘Sarracenia -Anime Size-’ by SKY-HI and ending theme song ‘Salvia -Anime Size-’ by BE:FIRST have been released on download and streaming services around the world. ‘Baki Hanma’ is the latest instalment in the beloved ‘Baki’ anime franchise.

‘Sarracenia -Anime Size-’ is themed on the anime’s fist-fighting father Yuujiro Hanma, featuring lyrics from the viewpoint of a strong fighter, a rap and vocal track that overflows with skilful expressive power, and an aggressive track with dramatic twists and turns. These three elements combine to create a song brimming with emotion.

Meanwhile, ‘Salvia -Anime Size-’ is based on the son, Baki Hanma, and features lyrics and music written by SKY-HI with the theme of longing to find strength, sung and rapped by the seven individually unique members of BE:FIRST over a melancholy but edgy track – again combining three elements of perfect chemistry into one amazing song.

In addition, a music video for each song featuring the opening and ending footage from the anime with the credits removed has been released, drawing an incredible response from fans around the world.

‘Baki Hanma’ Season 2 opening ‘Sarracenia -Anime Size-’ by SKY-HI (no credits)
‘Baki Hanma’ Season 2 ending ‘Salvia -Anime Size-’ by BE:FIRST (no credits)
‘Baki Hanma’ Season 2 trailer 2

Check out the Download and streaming links below.

SKY-HI ‘Sarracenia -Anime Size-’

BE:FIRST ‘Salvia -Anime Size-’

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