JOLLY’s ‘CIKI CIKI BAM BAM’, the song made famous by anime series ‘Ya Boy Kongming!’, gets a party remix and new music video


Last Updated on 11/08/2022

‘CIKI CIKI BAM BAM’ became an internet hit after a cover of the track was selected as the opening song to hit anime series ‘Ya Boy Kongming!’. Now, the original version of ‘CIKI CIKI BAM BAM’ by JOLLY has a new party remix, which was released on May 10.

This new Eurobeat remix comes courtesy of disco scene heavyweight DJ BOSS, with a faster BPM to rock the dancefloor harder than ever. When QUEENDOM’s version of ‘CIKI CIKI BAM BAM’ was used on ‘Ya Boy Kongming!’, fans left comments that the song sounded even better at 1.25x speed, so this new remix should appeal to those fans as well.

The cover of ‘CIKI CIKI BAM BAM’ by QUEENDOM became the opening theme song to ‘Ya Boy Kongming!’ when it began broadcasting in April 2022, leading to the song becoming a phenomenon online.

Anime series ‘Ya Boy Kongming!’ opening theme song ‘CIKI CIKI BAM BAM’ video

QUEENDOM is a group made up of lol members hibiki and moca, FAKY members Akina and Taki, and GENIC member Maria Kaneya. In their version, the group members sing soundalike Japanese words based loosely on the original song’s Hungarian lyrics. The video has already generated almost 7 million views, and the song has charted in multiple countries. Fans around the world have left comments about this addictive song, with some even comparing it to the 2004 wildfire hit ‘Dragostea Din Tei’.

This wave of popularity has flooded the internet, with videos all over YouTube including fan-made covers, parodies, mashups, loops of the song, reaction videos, interpretations of the surreal dance moves from the original video, and more. This wave has spread from Japan to all corners of the world.

The original version of the song by JOLLY has also been reenergized by this boom, and at the end of April, his original ‘CIKI CIKI BAM BAM’ took the No.1 position on the iTunes Store Dance Chart – a very rare feat for a song that is sung in Hungarian.

The phenomenon continues with the release of ‘CIKI CIKI BAM BAM (PARTY REMIX)’, which is accompanied by a lyric video.

JOLLY / ‘Ya Boy Kongming!’ opening theme song ‘CIKI CIKI BAM BAM’ original version remix (QUEENDOM soundalike lyrics comparison)

The video includes the music from ‘CIKI CIKI BAM BAM (PARTY REMIX)’ with the soundalike Japanese lyrics from the QUEENDOM version displayed on screen. Check out this chaotic video for a riotously fun experience!

The addictive ‘CIKI CIKI BAM BAM’ has taken not only Japan but the world by storm. It has also become a hot topic in JOLLY’s home country of Hungary, and even the Hungarian Ambassador of Japan recently mentioned this sensational song on his Twitter account.

Keep an eye on anime series ‘Ya Boy Kongming!’ and the song ‘CIKI CIKI BAM BAM’ as they continue to spread excitement throughout the world.

Streaming and download links

Streaming and download links

Anime series ‘Ya Boy Kongming!’ opening theme song ‘CIKI CIKI BAM BAM’
Streaming and download links

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