Japanese voice actor/idol unit i☆Ris release their 21st single, ‘Junigatsu no Snowry’ / ‘Heart Beat Kyujosyo’!


Japanese voice actor and idol unit i☆Ris release their 21st single, ‘Junigatsu no Snowry’ / ‘Heart Beat Kyujosyo’ on December 8. Overflowing with the power of love, lead track ‘Heart Beat Kyujosyo’ also has a music video out now on YouTube!

‘Heart Beat Kyujosyo’ music video

In the music video, the five members of i☆Ris wear adorable red and white dresses and express their innocent feelings of love as they dance in a fairytale world adorned with giant stuffed animals, heart-shaped balloons and mountains of wrapped presents. 

Near the beginning of the video, the girls dance with the pointer fingers of both hands on their heads as though they are firing laser beams, known as the “love beam dance”, grabbing the viewer’s heart with the most adorable dance imaginable. True to the track’s title, hearts feature prominently in the video, with the members making heart shapes with their hands and on their cheeks. In fact, you can spot eight different types of heart poses in the video, including one that is made up by three members together! During the chorus, in particular, the heart poses are timed to the beat of the song. 

The simple “heartbeat dance” choreography allows you to dance along with just your upper body, making it perfect for TikTok videos. It’s a dance filled with heart that makes you want to join in, and there’s no doubt that i☆Ris will start a “heart whirlwind” this winter! 

The end and the beginning of love – check out i☆Ris as they express both of these feelings in the new video for ‘Heart Beat Kyujosyo’.

Join the i☆Ris Heart Share ❤ campaign on Twitter!

The music video for ‘Heart Beat Kyujosyo’ is packed to bursting with hearts! i☆Ris want you to take a screenshot of your favorite heart-related moment in the video, from the members’ heart poses to cute heart-shaped items, and post them to Twitter along with a heartfelt message for i☆Ris and the hashtag #i_Ris_Heartshare. Come join in the fun!

The official iRis Twitter account will send you a heart in return, by liking your tweet! Yes, you will be trading hearts with the members of i☆Ris! As well as posting your best heart-shots yourself, you can even add hearts (likes) or retweets to messages by other fans too, and help the “heart circle” of i☆Ris to grow even further!

Campaign period: Wednesday, December 1, 20:00 Japan Standard Time until Wednesday, December 8, 23:59 JST

How to participate:

(1) Watch the music video for ‘Heart Beat Kyujosyo’

(2) Take a screenshot of your favorite heart-related scene – from heart poses to cute heart-shaped items!

(3) Using the hashtag #i_Ris_Heartshare, post your heart image and a heartfelt message to the members of i☆Ris on Twitter!

21st single ‘Junigatsu no Snowry’ / ‘Heart Beat Kyujosyo’

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Heart Beat Kyujosyo

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