After 30 years from the first concert, L‘Arc-en-Ciel celebrated their “birthday” with fans at the commemorative concert “L’APPY BIRTHDAY!”


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A monster Rock band Japan proudly presents to the world, the new single “Mirai(Future)” is available digitally from May 31st (Sun). Chart actions are showing a great start with No. 1 for both iTunes overall top song ranking and top rock song ranking. A band with more than 110M streams on Spotify with super core fan base. L’Arc-en-Ciel never fails to have your eyes onto their activities, just like a suddenly appearing rainbow that gives you the senses of surprise, joy, and hope as the new single title “Mirai (Future)”.


“Mirai (Future)” is a theme song to an online RPG game ‘BLUE PROTOCOL’.
Blue Protocol Is A Gorgeous Online Action RPG From Bandai Namco That Looks
Like A Playable Anime By Forbes

Bandai Namco announced development of a brand-new online action RPG called Blue Protocol that very much looks like an MMORPG. Blue Protocol being made with Unreal Engine 4 for PC as a brand-new IP that features gorgeously detailed cel-shaded anime graphics. It honestly looks like an anime has come to life and is fully playable, similar to Bandai Namco’s popular Tales RPG games, the Ni No Kuni series, or even the Sword Art Online anime itself.

L’Arc-en-Ciel has been popular abroad with L’Arc-en-Ciel WORLD TOUR 2012 (Hong Kong, Thailand, Shanghai, Taiwan, USA, UK, France, Singapore, Jakarta, Korea) and now just released their brand-new song in 4 and a half years since the previous release along with their 30th L’Anniversary Starting Live L’APPY BIRTHDAY! 5/29,30 2 DAYS at arena size venue.

Celebrating their 30th anniversary, in February 2021, the rock band L‘Arc-en-Ciel held a two-day commemorative concert “30th L’Anniversary Starting Live “L’APPY BIRTHDAY!”” on May 29th (Sat) and on the exact same day as their first concert 30 years ago, May 30th (Sun). It was held at Chiba’s Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall 1-3, under strict measures in accordance with the Covid-19 prevention guidelines. Not only did they play the various wonderful hits from the band’s history but after four and a half years they finally introduced their long-awaited new single “Mirai”. Much like the new song title, the concert expressed hope to the band’s “Mirai (future)”, making it a significant concert.

While waiting for the performance to begin, celebratory messages with the hashtag “ラルクハピバ (equivalent to #L’ArcHBD)” collected from fans was shown on the screen. After a blackout, the concert started with an opening footage of concerts and music videos from the past to present. Then finally the members appeared. Surrounded by a great applause, the quartered screen zoomed up on hyde(Vo), ken(Gt), tetsuya(Ba) and yukihiro(Dr) as they fascinatingly kicked off with “X X X”. The next song “Caress of Venus” changed the vibe 180 degrees, which was followed by hit singles, “CHASE”, “winter fall” and “flower”. To prevent the spread of infection, the audience was forbidden to raise their voice. So instead, fans reacted by applauding loudly or using the official merch such as the bat shaped maracas penlight that changes color or for the first time, fans were allowed to bring their own noisemakers to cheer. Although there were several restrictions, a new way of live concerts was created along with the fans. “We turned thirty. We are L‘Arc-en-Ciel,” hyde heartily starts, “It’s so great to meet like this again”. And then expresses gratitude by saying, “We had no idea what was going to happen but here we are safely celebrating “L’APPY BIRTHDAY!” Thanks for coming.”

With L‘Arc-en-Ciel, even with a set list full of their best hit songs, it never leaves an ordinary impression, making you realize what a wide variety of tracks they have as singles and how they constantly made each one into a smash hit. Additionally, “metropolis” performed for the first time in ages, started with tetsuya’s bouncing baseline and conveyed the band’s carved history thru the gleaming groove. On the production side, an enormous, curved fence-like LED device covered the entire stage, along with laser beams and stage fireworks that were skillfully operated to build a sophisticated space. During “REVELATION”, there was smoke and a dynamic gush of fire from pillars. At concerts in the past, an essential part of this song was the voices from the audience but this time the noisemakers were crucial and what enhanced the sense of unity. Surrounded by the shimmering torches and bringing out a mysterious beauty was“Kasou”. During “EVERLASTING”, the songs mysterious vibe was expressed through the visual aspect of enveloping the stage in a sea of smoke. ken’s whimsical guitar solo guided us into this next world as yukihiro’s determined drumming vividly started “MY HEART DRAWS A DREAM”, which was a call to ascend from the dark into the world of light. The audience singing along was the usually the excitement of the song but since they couldn’t sing together, hyde delivered a warm gentle gaze to all the fans.

“Driver‘s High”, “HONEY” and “READY STEADY GO” – showering us with up tempo songs, they recklessly ran through the final phase. I was marveled by yukihiro’s strong drumming that never once weakened. Small drones flying around approached the members, creating a sense of presence that built up towards the climax. While waiting for the return of the four who left the stage, a piano intro began and “Anata” started. Concert footage of singing fans from Japan and all over the world was projected. The scenes brought a nostalgic feeling. The interweaving deep sounds by the four, locked together and the audience restricted to raise their voices react by strongly waving their hands. “Even if you can’t vocalize, your feelings are being conveyed to us.” “Who ever thought our 30th anniversary would turn out like this. We’re gonna play a song that was announced at midnight today. This song was created while thinking about all of you. The idea was to sing this song together in order to celebrate. Since, vocalizing is banned, our plan got off track. But can we ask you to shine a light on us?” said hyde. Explaining to the fans that it’s ok to take out the smartphone light, he also explains “With your light, shine it towards the ‘rainbow’(L‘Arc-en-Ciel), because this song was created with hopes to find a “Mirai”(future)”. Then the new song “Mirai” was performed live for the first time as the lyrics were projected on the screen. From the dark, a hand reaching towards the light tries to grasp hope using the several positive words lined up in the lyrics. This straightforward song with a melancholy feel, yet a dignified melody resonates in these times of confusion. The catchiness and artistry combined leaves an impression that, this will be another song that will represent L‘Arc-en-Ciel. It was as if the rainbow-colored laser and shining mirror ball was the symbol of the eagerly awaiting bright future. They then surprised the fans with a performance of the first album’s title song “Dune” and got the crowd excited. hyde approached tetsuya to indicate something and then they simultaneously turned opposite directions, which was reminiscent of their early days and a moment that couldn’t be missed.

While looking back on their first concert 30 years ago, “I don’t remember what I was feeling back then(lol) but I know the plan was the leader’s idea,” as hyde praises tetsuya’s efforts, the two conversed with a smile while trying to remember. “Was it 300 people in the beginning?” (hyde) “Probably about 200 people?” (tetsuya). At the May 30th (Sun) concert (which is the exact same day as their very first concert), “30 years ago today, we had our first concert in Osaka. It was at a wonderful live house called (Namba) Rockets (*closed in 2016) and we longed to perform there. We were so happy. We even had a crowd. After all, … it’s always the best when there’s an audience,” said hyde with deep emotions as if he was comparing the past to now. Hearing those words, tetsuya presses his hands together towards the fans to express appreciation. This 30th “birthday” concert is not the destination, “we’ve only just begun,” says hyde.“Thank you for longing for such a ‘tsundere’ band,” “There is only a handful of bands that have continued for 30 years. You are the ones that brought us here. Thank you so much.” This message of appreciation was sent to the fans as the next song “Niji” was performed. The “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” song was arranged and tied into this last song to close off with a celebratory mood. tetsuya didn’t do the customary throws of bananas into the crowd but the “Thank you. See you again!” was just like always. They used their whole body to express their feelings towards the fans as they dashed across the entire stage while waving their hands throughout.

Since February of 2020 (which was during the first tour in eight years that was forced to be suspended due to Covid-19), this was the first time in a year and three months for all four members to get together. The dedication they had for that tour made the suspension regrettable, but this commemorative concert was one to prove that the band never lost momentum and kept on going. The new single “Mirai” is available digitally from May 31st (Sun). Chart actions are showing a great start with No. 1 for both iTunes overall top song ranking and top rock song ranking. Also, for all the fans who couldn’t go to the venue on May 30th (Sun) but still want to be a part of the celebration, the band for the first time confirmed that the concert footage will be streamed online. The streaming date announced immediately after the concert was August 22nd (Sun). The two-day commemorative concert was not a goal but just a starting point for the 30th anniversary year. The future is difficult to foresee but it’s obvious we need to keep an eye out on upcoming L‘Arc-en-Ciel activities.

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