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25 years after the death of Katan Amano who is the legendary ball-jointed doll artist

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Her artwork that shock people revived by photograph!
The collection book of Katan dolls that have been collected for 15 years from 2001 by dolls collector Sakichi Kataoka was released.
Sakichi Kataoka held some exhibitions of Katan dolls at Doll Museums. In 2002 “Maria Croce” in Okachi machi, in 2007 “Maria’s Heart” in Shibuya, and in 2015 “Maria’s Heart” in Ohara Kyoto.

“Passionate and sublime. Presence growling up from the ground. Dolls love people rather than dolls loved by people. Katan dolls were created with these wishes. Here is the house of Katan dolls that engross people.”
Dolls collector / photographer Sakichi Kataoka

Dolls are hollow. That’s why they absorb many feelings of those who watch dolls and take pictures. They make many stories appear to this life.
Yukito Ayatsuji (from Kanmatsu Essay)

Book Information
Size : B5
Content : 67 color picture, total 80 pages
Price : 2,800 yen (tax included)

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