“Vivid Knight” is now available in America, Europe and Australia


Last Updated on 01/24/2022

“Vivid Knight”, the first Steam game released by Asobism in May 2021, is now available in America, following Japan and South Korea, starting Wednesday, January 19, 2022. “Vivid Knight” is a party-building roguelike game in which your mission is to join forces with knights who have been transformed into jewels by the Black Witch, and combine their abilities during fights. Beneath the simple game controls and the casual look-and-feel lie highly strategic gameplay opportunities, that many players have described as “an utterly new genre” and as “deeply immersive”. You should definitely give it a try if you haven’t yet! The Steam version was given a very positive rating, amassing over 1,100 reviews, of which 92% were positive. Also, on December 16, 2021, Nintendo’s Japanese indie game manager introduced “Vivid Knight” as the most attention-drawing Nintendo Switch game of 2021 in their official show about indie games “Indie World”.

About Vivid Knight
◆The Beginning of the Story
Nestled in a land of exquisite beauty lies a quaint little kingdom. Amelie, a rambunctious young princess, whiles away the days sneaking out of the castle to visit the White Manor, where she immerses herself in the study of jewel sorcery. That is, until she returns to the castle one afternoon to discover that a shocking event has taken place in her absence: all the people in the kingdom have been transformed into jewels and kidnapped by the Black Witch. Mustering all her courage, Amelie descends into the underground labyrinth, where the witch awaits her behind a horde of monsters. Can she survive the perils of the dungeon and rescue the king and her people?

◆Symbol Abilities
Up to 6 units (jewels) can be added to your party. The symbol abilities of each unit are activated when the colors and symbols match that of other units. The more symbols of the same type you have, the more powerful the effects will be!

◆ Upgrade your Units
If you acquire duplicates of the same unit, you will be able to upgrade it. Upgrading not only increases a unit’s stats, but also makes it eligible for the activation of symbol abilities even if it’s removed from the party! Many unique units are waiting for you!

◆ Release Celebration Discount Is Coming
To celebrate the release of the game on Nintendo Switch™, a 10% discount will be offered on the Nintendo eShop. Don’t miss this opportunity! 10% Discount Period: 1/19/2022 (Wed.) 9:00 p.m. PST – 2/3/2022 (Thu.) 11:59 p.m. PST

Copyright : Ⓒ2021 Asobism Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. 

  • Title: Vivid Knight
  • Genre: Party-Building Roguelike/Strategy
  • Platform: Steam, Nintendo Switch™
  • Supported Languages: Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Spanish

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