Toshinobu Kubota relasing new degital single BOOGIE RIDE / SORA NO UTA on October 16


All 34 years of Toshinobu Kubota’s songs now available on worldwide streaming platforms!

Toshinobu Kubota, who released his first original album in four years “Beautiful People” in November last year, now releases two new songs as his first release in 2020.

“Boogie Ride” is the CF song for Suzuki Vitara in Japan and Yoshinobu himself also appears in the car commercial. In the commercial he drives the Vitara and shows his adventurous spirit. The panoramic shot that makes the whole world seems like Toshinobu’s stage makes a perfect match with the powerful and exhilarating CF music.

“Sora no Uta” is a song Toshinobu wrote for medical professionals and people around the world who suffer the changes due to the coronavirus. It is a ballad packed with prayers and messages from Toshinobu. With its lyrics and his singing, the heartwarming tune will fill up people’s heart with hope.

“Boogie Ride / Sora no Uta” TRACKLIST
1. Boogie Ride
2. Sora no Uta

“Boogie Ride” Music Video

About Boogie Ride:
In this time when we can’t avoid feeling depressed, let us aim for an open field where we may unleash our hearts. Let us live in this new era flexibly. I put these thoughts into words and sang along with Boogie’s groove.

About Sora no Uta:
In 2020, we have been suffering from the coronavirus. During the quarantine period people had been waiting for summer, and I wrote this song while looking back at myself and the world. I would like to sing this song to you all now, and hope you can listen to it now.

All Toshinobu Kubota’s songs available on worldwide music streaming services! Starting on October 16, 2020!

All of Toshinobu Kubota’s songs from his 34 year career, from his debut song “Shitsui No Downtown” to the latest single “Boogie Ride / Sora no Uta” released today, have finally been unveiled for streaming on subscription services worldwide. Toshinobu has established R&B terms such as “funky” and “groove” in Japan, opened up new genres, and released many popular TV series theme songs and CF songs. Letting out his songs on worldwide streaming platforms after 34 years since his debut is probably the big surprise many have been waiting for.

In addition, inspired by his numerous love songs such as “LA LA LA LOVE SONG,” “Missing,” and “LOVE RAIN (Koi no Ame),” a teaser clip is made with the catch copy “BIG LOVE IS COMING!” In the clip Toshinobu turns into an animated monster and at his request, its voice is acted by the famous voice actor Kōichi Yamadera. Don’t miss the cute scene of Kōichi Yamadera singing “LA LA LA LOVE SONG” as monster Toshinobu Kubota!

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