PPAP: World phenomenon!? PIKOTARO finally debuts!!

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Kinky perm, sunglasses and clad in animal print. With the infectious bizarre phrase “Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen” (PPAP), PIKOTARO age 53, singer/songwriter from Chiba, Japan releases 4 songs including “PPAP” in 134 countries, only through digital distribution on Oct 7th. PIKOTARO finally made a world debut.

pikotaro2“PPAP” all started when PIKOTARO posted the song on YouTube by himself. The word spread from teenage girls and internationally, creating a buzz. TIME, BBC, CNN and other global media in Europe, US, and Asia took notice of the sensation and “PPAP” resulted in being covered by numerous media around the world.

Furthermore, Justin Bieber who boasts 88 million followers on Twitter, tweeted it was his “favorite video” and lead to the viral explosion. Also in Japan, it is being covered by countless media and has become a social phenomenon. Meanwhile, PIKOTARO himself tweeted “Master Justin Bieber…?!” and now his profile writes “My life saver is Justin Bieber.”

“PPAP” is adding its views, day by day. The total number of all view counts of all sites in the world, has already surpassed 200 million. Not only Japanese stars, but international celebrities and people are copying the dance. The number of its related videos are well over 36,000.

In such situation, PIKOTARO has finally made his much anticipated world debut.

You better watch his next move.

PIKOTARO Official Website

PPAP (Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen)...



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