Dog inThePWO holds a one-day Sanrio Puroland collaboration event with huge success!


DOG inThe Parallel World Orchestra that is in the middle of a long tour to promote their new album “paradox” released in February this year held Sanrio Puroland supported collaboration event “Wanrio Puroland” on July 20th.
To fulfill their promise to become a band to make everyone happy like a theme park, they amused everyone in Sanrio Puroland on that day.


5 members appeared as a surprise before a parade of Sanrio characters. They walked around the Puro village that is the main area of the park, and they waved their hands with a smile to visitors while background music “Matsuri izm” which is the theme song of Puroland summer event Summer Marching Parade was playing.

They held a concert at Fairy Land Theater afternoon. Hallo kitty and My Melody participated in the first part of the concert, and Kiki & Lala participated in the second part of the concert.


They rode on top of a float and all members sang while going around in the Puro village. Sanrio characters including Pom pom purin, Minnanotabo, Kero Kero Keroppi, Sinamoroll and Kuromi joined in the parade, and they made pairs with band members. The float came close to the audience so the fans cheered and shouted “Kawaii.” Thus the on-day especial collaboration event was finished.




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