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Japonica – fantastic “Izakaya”-style

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Japonica - fantastic “Izakaya”-style

Japonica is a fantastic “Izakaya”-style Japanese restaurant, in Redondo Beach, CA. “Izakaya” in Japanese refers to a place where you can enjoy various foods with liquors at reasonable price.

Their drink menu is featured by variety of sake, which they always keep at least 30 labels. Moreover, the manager hand-picks special “sake of the month” every month according to the season and preference of customers, which is not on the menu.

Japonica - fantastic “Izakaya”-style

Should you have never tried sake at all but interested? That is totally fine with Japonica for they have sake samplers for tasting three different kinds of flavors. This way you won’t have trouble with drinking up a whole glass of sake that is not your preference.
First, you can chose from “dry”, “smooth” and “mild” they will find a suitable label for you. As you go eat Japonica, you will be able to find your most favorite label one day!

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