Tabemas Doraemon1

You can eat the 4D pocket as well! “Tabemas Doraemon”


Last Updated on 05/13/2016

Characters wagashi series “Tabemas” launched two types of characters, which are Doraemon and Mini doraemon.

Its size is about 40mm, and even Doraemon’s bell and 4D pocket are elaborately expressed. It contains vanilla custard filling and milk flavored filling. You can enjoy the smooth texture and subtle flavor.

(C) Fujiko-Pro, Shogakukan, TV-Asahi, Shin-ei, and ADK

Production information
It can be found at AEON (exclude Okinawa), Daiei, MaxValu (mainly Hokkaido and Tokai Area), and Aeon Super Centers.

Tabemas Doraemon4
It’s too cute to eat!
Tabemas Doraemon3
It also looks cute from behind.

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