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We at PLAYISM are excited to bring An Octave Higher to mobile.

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An Octave Higher

PLAYISM is bringing the aesthetically beautiful and unique visual novel An Octave Higher to mobile on iOS and Android.

An Octave Higher – A Visual Novel

Welcome to Overture – The leading city of a great empire that has discovered and uses magic in its daily life. Dive into this unique visual novel where you can explore the workings of this magical and fantastic city. Make choices in the game that change the lives of the characters and the future of the city.
But in a world where magic defines your class, there is unrest in the background. Rumors of a revolution are stirring, and the city is uneasy. Is a revolution really what this city needs?

Follow Elise, Franz and Frederic as they work towards their different goals, but they are all brought together by one aspect: A broken piano.
In Overture, everyone knows that healing magic can’t be used on inanimate objects. So when Elise extends her hands over the broken piano to try and fix it so that it’ll play again, the journey of faith, compassion, courage, willpower and intelligence thrusts everyone down an unexpected path.
Can they fix the piano? Will they reach their goal? And will they survive the hidden turmoil of the brewing revolution?

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