Brave Frontier Launches Collaboration with TRIGUN


BRAVE FRONTIER x TRIGUN Collaboration 2020

The arrival of TRIGUN in BRAVE FRONTIER. From April 15th to May 6th, 2020,Summoners can look forward to summoning their favorite TRIGUN characters and collecting various rewards available during the collaboration.
Below, we have listed the highlights of what Summoners can expect from this collaboration:
Meet your favourite TRIGUN characters as they make a surprise entrance through the vortex and have landed themselves into the world of Grand Gaia.

TRIGUN Unit Summon: 
During this collaboration period, Summoners can summon for their favourite TRIGUN units:

  • Vash the Stampede
    A blond-haired man who seems to be followed by destruction and disaster wherever he goes, Vash the Stampede is known to wander the land on his own. Feared by many as a ruthless killer, he manages to surprise people when they realize that he’s more clumsy than anything else. In battle, he always manages to gain the advantage somehow, only to end each fight by refusing to kill his opponents. As he arose in the strange world that he found himself in, he wondered what to make of the new adventure that he had fallen into. Only time would tell where the Humanoid Typhoon would go, and what challenges he would face in the world known as Grand Gaia.

  • Meryl & Milly
    Meryl Stryfe and Milly Thompson are agents of the Bernardelli Insurance Society, combing the wasteland to evaluate and report on claims made against Vash the Stampede. Despite Meryl’s seriousness and Milly’s antics, the two get along quite well, becoming a formidable force as they follow the trails of destruction and file insurance claims for their employer. They always have food of one kind or the other handy, whether it’s doughnuts to smooth over introductions or puddings to satisfy Milly’s latest craving. Originally ordered by their superiors to follow Vash and keep any trouble around him in check—bringing a quick resolution to any problems that came up—the two became fast friends. It would prove to be a tremendous asset in the new world that they found themselves in, with its strange beasts and many misadventures.

  • Nicholas D. Wolfwood
    A wandering man who claims to be a former priest, Nicholas D. Wolfwood is a capable gunslinger with a peculiar weapon: a cross-shaped heavyweight bound in cloth and leather. As he travels the land, he faces many moral conflicts and challenges, each of which he succeeds at in his own way. While extremely skilled on the battlefield, he has high morals and a strong sense of justice. This often leads him to arguments about personal values with the other members of his company. However, his beliefs about being forced to sometimes kill for the good of the weak would be put to the test in a new world…

  • Legato Bluesummers
    Brooding and dark, Legato Bluesummers is a man with a vital plan: to torment Vash the Stampede into the throes of mental anguish. With his incredible telekinetic powers, he has proved himself capable of mentally dominating crowds with sheer force of his mind. However, he disdains the direct application of force, preferring complex plans in order to fulfill his mission. As the leader of the villainous Gung-Ho-Guns, he directs them into missions that challenge the Humanoid Typhoon’s moral code to the very end.

TRIGUN Reward Units:
Login for 10 days and participate in the limited time collaboration special dungeons be rewarded with:

  • Millions Knives
    A blond-haired man whose goal is to eliminate all humans, as he can no longer trust them due to their cruelty and lack of self-control. His desire to kill anyone he comes across directly contradicts his twin brother’s pacifist ideal of respecting every form of life, especially the weak. Even so, Knives attempts to persuade Vash into joining his cause several times by demonstrating the wicked nature of humanity. Vash rejected Knives’ violent ways, and thus the latter organized a plan to punish his brother for spurning him. A superb gunfighter, Knives is ready for the day when he will finally teach Vash the lesson of a lifetime…

Multi-Bond Dual Brave Burst
Unleash three times the mighty power of Dual Brave Burst (DBB) with the TRIGUN unit, Vash the Stampede!

DBB is a Skill Type that can only be used by specially selected Units that are known to be “Bonded.” Bonded Units join together to perform their DBB during combat that unleashes a mighty power, an Elemental Synergy.

For the first time in Brave Frontier Collaboration history, enjoy the new Multi-Bond Dual Brave Burst on a Collaboration Unit! Vash the Stampede can be bonded with these TRIGUN units available during this collaboration: Meryl & Milly, Nicholas D. Wolfwood, and Millions Knives.

TRIGUN Collaboration dungeons
The following dungeons are available for Summoners to look forward to as well!

TRIGUN Chamber (Available from April 15th to May 5th)
A mysterious series of events has led Vash and his friends into Grand Gaia. Journey along with this energetic crew as they make their way through this unfamiliar land. But Summoners beware, the heroes are not the only ones that made it into Grand Gaia…

Over the span of 3 weeks, one dungeon will be released each week for Summoners to embark on. Join in the adventure and be rewarded with .45 Casing Tokens which can be used in the limited time Collaboration Event Bazaar.

With your help, will they be able to overcome the malicious forces at play?

Challenge Dungeons (Available from April 15th to May 5th)
Put your squad to the test as you cross paths and exchange blows with Vash the Stampede, Legato Bluesummers and Millions Knives in their respective Challenge Dungeons each week. Challengers that emerge victorious will be greatly rewarded with Gems and also  .45 Casing Tokens, which can be used in the limited time Collaboration Event Bazaar.

From April 29th onward, obtain a free Millions Knives reward unit when you take on and complete his Challenge Dungeon on Hard Mode.

Routine Bountie (Available from April 15th to May 5th)
Take on this daily challenge in ‘Routine Bounty’ and be handsomely rewarded with experience, Karma, Zel and precious .45 Casing Tokens each day!

Frontier Spire
Join the crew in this collaboration’s special Frontier Spire to earn collaboration exclusive Elgifs and other great prizes!

The higher you venture up the tower, the better the rewards – so prepare your best squad! You never know who…or what you might face in this mysterious tower!

Frontier Spire will be available from April 15th to May 5th, 2020.

Raid Battle
Explore the land of Grand Gaia through the eyes of Vash the Stampede and his rambunctious crew in this Collaboration Special Raid. Defeat Raid bosses and harvest materials in various locations to obtain crafting materials required to upgrade your Collaboration exclusive spheres.

This limited time collaboration raid Battle will be available from April 22nd to May 5th, 2020.


Brave Frontier is available for download globally on iOS, Android, Amazon, and Windows Phone devices.
Note: All dates mentioned are PST.

To find out more details about the events, follow Brave Frontier’s social media channels.

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