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MERRY announces the release of their first single in 2017 “Kaze to Ame” on Febuary 1and and a solo concert at Hibiya Outdoor Theater on Friday, May 5

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MERRY’s new single Kaze to Ame is one of the songs that attracted an audience at their concert “MERRY 15th Anniversary Greatest Hits or Not Greatest Hits ~Special 2night【Shiroi Hitsuji】【Kuroi Hitsuji】~” , which is held on Monday, November 7 at Shinagawa Stellar Ball. The lyrics of the song express the transience of life and time for people who live in the continuous flows of the world, and also express the vital power.

They will release the single for different three types, which are the initial production limited version A, initial production limited version B, and regular version.

Furthermore, they have also announced the title of the concert at Hibiya Outdoor Theater on Friday, May 5.
The title is Tokyo Spring Hibiya Democratic 〜Hitsujitachi no Syucho〜, and it would definitely be their opportunity to expose their 15 years of experience and the message that have been expressed in society through music.

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