Shenron from Dragon Ball appears by becoming a 2 meter long cushion


“Come forth, Shenron! And heal my fatigue!”
Shenron is a magical dragon from famous anime “Dragon Ball”, and Shenron can be appeared by gathering all seven of the Dragon Balls of Earth. Shenron, the dragon that can bestow any wish appeared by becoming 2 meter long cushion.

Shenron Nagaai Kune Kune Cushion2The design of eyes, nails, and a mane is elaborated. The cushion is really soft because the soft boa is used as its material, so that you can use it as Dakimakura (hugging pillow). In addition, multiple internal joints allow you to make curves and poses. You can also put it as a decoration for your room or office.
(C) Bird Studio/ Shueisha • Toei Animation

Product name : Shenron Nagaai Kune Kune Cushion
Price : 27,000 yen (tax included) (shipping fee and service fee excluded)
Size : About 2m (when it’s stretched out) and 1kg
Distributor : BANDAI official shopping website “Premium Bandai”

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