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cut back

Natsume Mito is the leading actress! The hairdresser movie “cut back” by Loretta is released on WEB site for a limited time.

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“cut back” is a story takes place in a hair salon that is just like watching the time lapse of someone’s life. It portrays the girl’s life that is from childhood to adulthood by hairdresser’s point of view.

The movie was made in order to support hairdressers and it’s sponsored by the total cosmetics brand Loretta. It was premiered at Japan’s first outdoor movie festival “Yozora to Kousasuru Morino Eigasai 2015” from October 3rd to 4th, 2015. The leading actress is a famous artist Natsume Mito, who is the model of Loretta.
It will be released from December 1st to 31st for a limited time.

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