Detective Conan: The Bride of Halloween Movie to be Released Nationwide in Japan on April 15th, 2022


Last Updated on 11/08/2022

TMS Entertainment Co., Ltd. has announced the release of its new animated movie, Detective Conan: The Bride of Halloween. The movie, co-produced by TMS, is the 25th installment in the Detective Conan series, based on the original manga by Gosho Aoyama. The movie will be released nationwide in Japan on April 15th.

【 Set in Shibuya during Halloween!】
This 25th movie is set in Shibuya during the Halloween season and features a realistic recreation of the ward’s well-known cityscape with detailed depictions of its existing buildings and facilities.

A wedding ceremony is being held in Shibuya’s “Hikarie”.
The bride, Sato, a detective of the Metropolitan Police Department, is in a wedding dress.
While Conan and other the guests are watching, a group of thugs suddenly invade the venue and attack. Detective Takagi puts himself in danger and risks his life to protect Sato.
Though the situation is settled, and Detective Takagi is safe, Sato is reminded of the incident about the series of bombings from three years ago; the ones that killed Detective Matsuda, her first love.
At the same time, the criminal behind the bombing incident three years ago, has escaped prison. Is this a coincidence? Rei Furuya (Toru Amuro) of the Public Security Bureau hunts down the person who killed his colleague, Detective Matsuda. However, another person in a mysterious costume appeared, and attached a collar bomb on him.
Conan visits an underground shelter where Amuro is hiding to safely remove the collar bomb. Amuro tells Conan about the incident from three years ago: the encounters with an unidentified costume bomber “Plamya” in Shibuya with his fellow Police Academy members. Eventually, a disturbing shadow is cast upon Conan and others who are proceeding with the investigation…

【Staff and Cast】
Notable staff include director Susumu Mitsunaka (“Haikyu” series), scriptwriter Takahiro Okura, who has worked on the series since “Detective Conan: The Crimson Love Letter”, and composer Yugo Kanno (“JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” series) who has worked on numerous blockbuster dramas, movies, and animations. It was both director Susumu Mitsunaka and Yugo Kanno’s first time working on a Detective Conan series film.
The cast is comprised of familiar members such as Minami Takayama as the main character Conan Edogawa, Wakana Yamazaki as Ran Mori, Rikiya Koyama as Kogoro Mori, Toru Furuya as Toru Amuro, the characters from Police Academy, including Nobutoshi Kanna as Jinpei Matsuda, Shinichiro Miki as Kenji Hagiwara, Hiroki Touki as Wataru Date, and Hikaru Midorikawa, as Hiromitsu Morofushi.


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