Documentary series ‘WARPs DIG Season 1’ reaches the dance battle final, featuring a new track by m-flo’s ☆Taku Takahashi and guest judge Ruu from Fabulous Sisters


Last Updated on 11/09/2022

The dance battle final of ‘WARPs DIG Season 1’, the detailed documentary series by avex entertainment group WARP-Syndicate that began broadcasting in April this year, has been released. 

Unlike the usual strict top-down audition shows, on ‘WARPs DIG’, the participants themselves select their teammates and have a hand in the judging. So far, Team RED (TAKERU, SOMA, MIZUKI and REIA) and Team YELLOW (TSUBASA, YUGA SANO, YUGA SHIBUTANI and SEIYA) have endured the tough first rounds to advance to the final. Talented dancers have gathered in each team and fierce battles with a variety of styles have been fought. 

The track for the final is provided by m-flo member ☆Taku Takahashi, and the guest judge is Ruu from Fabulous Sisters, who won the World of Dance championship twice in a row. The winning team in Season 1 will be given priority entry to Season 2, and a special prize will be awarded by top fashion brand A|X Armani Exchange. 

Check out the video to witness the thrilling end to this three-month battle.

Episode #007: FINAL BATTLE | WARPs DIG |Season 1 | vol.7

● WARP-Syndicate

WARP-Syndicate (commonly known as WARPs) stands for Wind Assemble Radical People-Syndicate, meaning a collective that harnesses the wind of innovation. By operating groups with fixed lineups as well as various projects across multiple artistic disciplines, it is a collective that aims to create a new landscape where talent can shine beyond existing categories and frameworks. The Japanese-Chinese mixed boys’ group WARPs UP are the collective’s first active group.


‘WARPs DIG’ is a detailed documentary series focusing on members of WARPs’ next-generation talent training institution WARPs ROOTS as they set their sights on global success. Through rigorous training of talented young performers from various age groups and disciplines, the project aims to create a world-class new group from Japan. The members of WARPs ROOTS are divided into multiple teams and must compete based on various themes such as dance, rap, singing and so on; after 365 days, one group will land a major-label debut deal. The training will enhance not only their technique, but also their human power and spirituality. Season 1, which has been held from April through June, has focused on dance and cultivated freestyle ability, choreography, composition skills, and the human ability to win as a team.

The harsh qualifying rounds, team-building exercises and fierce competitions leading up to the final are available to watch on the WARPs ROOTS YouTube channel.

WARPs DIG Information Bureau note account

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