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Movie Screening of WagakkiBand Concert Movie

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Following up their sold out live concert at Club Nokia on July 4th as part of Cool Japan Festival presented by ANIME EXPO 2015, WagakkiBand Concert Movie will premiere in NYC at “NY Comic Con presents NY Super Week at IFC Center”.

WagakkiBand is the “New Wave of Rock Entertainment” that fuses shigin (poetry recitation, one of Japanese traditional performing arts), wagakki (traditional Japanese musical instruments), and rock music. They are already recognized by many US fans from their YouTube smash hit, “Senbonzakura” which has over 25 million views to date, and their recent sold out US debut concert at Club Nokia, LA Live was filled with die-hard American enthusiasts. This concert movie includes live footages from one of their most memorable live concerts in Japan and also features a short trailer of “Attack on Titan – dTV Original Drama Version” where they perform opening theme song. Their latest album, “Yasouemaki” made hotshot #1 debut on Japanese album chart lately (limited number of copies available at the theater before/after the show).


NY Comic Con presents New York Super Week at IFC Center
Oct 12 (Mon) 7pm – 9pm
IFC Center : 323 6th Ave at West 3rd St. NYC
$14 USD (adult)

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