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Theme song of TV drama ‘Hakuoki SSL ~sweet school life~’ called ‘Refrain’ by Blu-BiLLioN releases on September 7th.

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“Hakuoki Shinsengumi Kitan” is a famous video game series. Plots center on a girl who has a secret of her birth and a special police force called Shinsengumi that was active during the Bakumatsu period. Hakuoki series are successful, and it has been expanded into various media such as TV animation, OVAs, plays, musicals, and movies. And this time, “Hakuoki SSL ~sweet school life~” has been created for different situation that if Hakuoki characters were living in this peaceful modern era and they were students. The characters enjoy their school lives, such as study, friendship, sports, and love. It aroused sympathy among people and it led to success, which is unusual for spin-off games.

Its live-action TV drama “Hakuoki SSL ~sweet school life~” that will be started on September 24th is the latest in a series of Hakuoki. This drama was made with the concept of its game. The story begins when a boys’ school called Hakuou Gakuen changes its system to a co-educational school, and one girl enters the school. It is drawing attention before the broadcast because many famous handsome actors such as Yuichi Nakamura, Toshiyuki Someya, Atsushi Kimura, Masyu Ishiwawtari, Seiya Inagaki, and Katsuhiko Ibuka will appear on this TV drama.

Blu-BiLLioN sings the theme song of ‘Hakuoki SSL ~sweet school life~’, and it’s called “Refrain”.
This new song was composed for this TV drama. Mike (Vo) sings about the encounter, reunion, and eternity with a sorrowful voice, and the lyrics of the ballad song match with the story.

Live-action TV drama “Hakuoki SSL ~sweet school life~”
It will be released on Thursday, September 24th at 11:30 PM on TOKYO MX2
“Hakuoki SSL ~sweet school life~” official website

Blu-BiLLioN official website


Refrain - Single

by Blu-BiLLioN

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