ID: Invaded Manga Series & Sets February 2021 Launch Date


Yen Press, LLC has announced the acquisition of the manga series ID:Invaded #Brake-Broken, with story by Otaro Maijo and art by Yuuki Kodama, the creator of Blood Lad.

When Sakaido wakes up in a strange room next to a dead girl, there are only two things he knows for sure—1) he’s a brilliant detective, and 2) he has to solve the mystery of Kaeru’s death. What surprises await the brilliant detective in this strange, new world?

ID:Invaded #Brake-Broken ties into the anime series that debuted in January 2020, one of the most popular of the Winter 2020 season. The highly-anticipated manga series appeals to both fans of the anime adaptation as well as longtime fans of Blood Lad.

ID:Invaded #Brake-Broken, Vol. 1 is scheduled for a February 2021 release in print and digital.

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