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A world’s first! All cards are equipped with NFC chips! IC Carddass DRAGON BALL.

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The trading card game IC Carddass DRAGON BALL will be released on Saturday, September 19th in 2015.*
This is a new generation trading card game that you can play both face-to-face and online.

IC Carddass DRAGON BALL is a would’s first trading card game equipped with NFC chips. You can play it face-to-face as a regular trading card game, and you can also play it online by the same rules once you download the app and scan the IC chip on the card.
The free corresponding mobile app(available on Android [TM]) was released on September 17th in 2015 , and free iOS and Windows apps will be released soon.

*Only booster packs will be sold on Saturday, September 19th. Vending machine booster packs will be sold in late September. Starter set packs and Starter set packs with IC card reader in early October.

IC Carddass DRAGON BALL rules
Each deck contains 1 leader card, and 40 battle cards that determine you will win or loss. You will attack your opponent’s leader card with your cards, and you will win when you take opponent’s 7 lives that opponent initially has.
During the game, you can use “awaken” mode that your Goku leader card becomes a Supersaiyajin or God Son Goku and “teleportaion” mode that you can have your friend join the battle. Its rough‐and‐tumble fight rule that various characters battle allows you to enjoy the game both face-to-face and online, and it’s just like an anime dragon ball.


IC Carddass DRAGON BALL Official Website


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