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LEZARD reach the final day of their solo concert in Japan.

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LEZAED had a final performance of their solo concert in Japan called “Dappi sentai tokagenjaa” at Shinagawa Stellar Ball.
This concert can be considered as culmination of their first album “tokagecchu” that was released in July this year 2015. In the middle of the concert, all members became “Dappi sentai Tokagenjaa”, the concert went on while fighting with the villain team just like a play. At the end, a huge robot “Ultra positive man” helped LEZARD members to defeat Tori commander who is the incarnation of evil. After they defeated Tori commander, they took off their helmets and put them down on the stage. And then they left the stage quietly, the show ended with a wonderful performance.

NEW SINGLE “Kakurembo” will be released on December 16th 2015

“3 year anniversary 15 iko one-man tour”
It starts from march 2016, and final concert will be on June 19th at Shibuya ReNY


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